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We're absolute nerds when it comes to every element of running a business.

We haven't just hired—we've built, improved, and perfected entire hiring systems.

We haven't just set up business management platforms—we've researched & compared every option... And then gone in and customized every module and setting available.

We haven't just run companies—we've grown them, whipped them into shape, and turned them into money making machines where people love to work.

We've taken several business management philosophies, grabbed the best parts, and then made them our own.

We got TOO PASSIONATE about the theory of operating companies, so we decided to do it full time.

How we help

Improve efficiency

Bad or nonexistent processes mean wasted time, and poorly trained staff. Streamlined systems that work together allow more capacity for your team, greater profitability & less stress for everyone.

Set goals, then track them

If you have a vision for where you want your business to be, you need to have a plan to get there, milestones to hit, action items to take this quarter, and KPIs to measure whether or not you're on track. That may sound like a lot, but with the right planning process, it's not!

Automate intelligently

Take the "grind" out of the day to day grind—we guarantee your team hates spending time on anything boring & repetitive. Leverage tech so your employees can focus their productivity on the tasks they do best.

Tackle projects nobody has time for

Do you have a big project (or ten) you know will improve your business, yet it keeps getting procrastinated because it's just too overwhelming? "Gettin' 'er done" is (one of our many) superpowers.

If any of these are things that keep you up at night, we should chat!

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Our Team

business consultant vancouver

"I can do that."

Celene Hoag


Known for being able to jump into pretty much anything and make it better, Celene's special sauce is her ability to keep the "big picture" front of mind, while digging into the nitty gritty details of any project.

With a background in Commercial Real Estate Appraisal, Finance & Economics, plus 5 years running a digital marketing agency while consulting with other owners, she's kinda seen it all! 

After graduating from the Sauder School of Business, and becoming a mom, Celene decided to ditch the corporate world in favor of helping small and medium sized businesses become more efficient and profitable. 

When not wrestling back-end logistics into submission, you'll find her growing beets and blueberries in her massive veggie garden, or chasing her little humans down forest trails.
operational consultant

"I get sh*t done."

Jacqui Murtough


To say that Jacqui can make anything happen is probably not overstating her ability to solve pretty much any problem.

With a background that spans the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, BC Recreation and Parks Association and even Chorus Entertainment, Jacqui has pretty much made it her career's mission to keep big bosses on target, and tell them what they need to heareven when they won't like what she has to say. (She'll tell it to you straight.)

She can figure out any tech and tackle any obstacle, all while keeping everyone on track, on time, and making her team smile.

Also on the board of directors for the Fraser Valley Wind Ensemble, Jacqui loves music, animals, and especially her niece.

business consultant vancouver

"I'm always ready to go the extra mile."

Halynn Bains


Before joining Chops, Halynn spent several years as an office manager for a boutique law firm, studied business administration, and ran the front end of a busy veterinary practice. She is currently working towards her legal assistant certificate.

Whether it be handling daily bookkeeping and trust responsibilities, solving tech issues, or simplifying law firm processes, Halynn is always ready to dive in and help solve your problems.

Halynn is a mom to a rambunctious toddler and two rescue dogs. She enjoys reading autobiographies and listening to true-crime podcasts.

business consultant vancouver

"Work smarter, not harder."

Amber Roy


Amber brings a warm, eclectic and creative approach to business operations.

With an entrepreneurial career spanning over 15 years and 7 industries (and a corporate career of nearly 5 years) Amber offers valuable first-hand experience that helps Chops Consulting provide our clients with effective, efficient and insightful business solutions. She knows what it takes to build and run a successful business, and how to turn it into a lucrative asset.

When she’s not perched at her laptop working her dream job, you can find Amber experimenting with new recipes, snuggling her baby girl or inspiring others to live more sustainably through The Modern Hippie Project.

business consultant Milton Ontario

"My innovative solutions overcome complex challenges."

Kay Kandiah


Kay has a unique knack for pinpointing gaps and devising tailored solutions to streamline processes and boost business operations.  Her leadership experience spans  Customer Success Management, Sales Consultation, HR Coordination, Operations Management, and Strategy and Operations leading Marketing efforts. 

She truly shines in healthcare process optimization, backed by a 7-year tenure in the healthcare sector. As an accomplished operations manager, her versatile background encompasses telecommunications, tech, and, of course, healthcare.

Outside her professional pursuits, Kay finds solace in embracing nature's wonders. Whether she's exploring hiking trails, gazing at the stars, or simply unwinding by the water's edge, her connection with the natural world ignites her creativity and holistic approach to problem-solving.
sales consultant vancouver

"Revenue growth isn't magic, it's a process."

Brianna LePiane


Brianna comes from 10 years of B2B sales experience.  Over the last decade, she has developed a 4-step process to help clients reach their revenue targets.

Building successful growth strategies means connecting sales to operations, marketing and developing capacity along the way.  Brianna helps clients define their unique value, and their target audience and builds out revenue streams. She believes you cannot have healthy sales without healthy operations: growth is an internal and external process. 

Ever the optimist, Brianna is a sustainable business nerd at heart and can be found building bridges and making connections in the impact industry.  Ask her anything about sustainability in the business world and be prepared to fall into the rabbit hole with her.

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