LEAP Legal Canada: How To Create a Courtesy Discount

04/07/2023 11:00 AM By Halynn

Creating Courtesy Discounts in LEAP

Welcome to this short tutorial on how to create a courtesy discount in LEAP, a cloud-based legal software. In this video, Celene of Chops Consulting will guide you through the process of setting up a courtesy discount for your clients. LEAP is a powerful tool for managing legal cases and client accounts. One of its many features is the ability to offer courtesy discounts to clients in certain circumstances, such as for loyal clients or in situations where clients are experiencing financial difficulties. In this tutorial, you will learn step-by-step how to create a courtesy discount in LEAP. Celene will cover the following topics: 

• Navigating to the client account where you want to apply the courtesy discount 

• Setting up the discount percentage or fixed amount 

• Applying the discount to the client's account 

• Checking that the discount has been applied correctly 

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to confidently offer courtesy discounts to your clients, improving your client relationships and managing your legal practice more effectively. If you're ready to learn how to set up a courtesy discount in LEAP, let's get started with this informative tutorial by Chops Consulting!

Video Transcript


Hi! So here is a quick video on how to do a courtesy discount in LEAP. This is your main matter screen, which of course you already know. The next step is to go into whatever matter it is that you want to create the discount for. Then under time and fees, you're just basically going to be creating a new fee here. You don't necessarily need to put in an activity code. You can pre-program that if you wanted to as a courtesy discount, but I'll just put it in here. "Courtesy discount",  and then just say whatever the amount of the discount you want is. 

If you check off, including tax, it basically is, the total discount from the bill and middle discount, you know, the tax separately and stuff. Now, you don't need to put a memo in, but you can put a memo if you wanna explain what the discount is for. You can check the date and the tax is correct. Bill will be "Next Invoice", "Save and Close". And I'm just gonna put in, I don't know, a couple, some sort of fee entry in here. Yeah, so there are a couple of things showing up on the invoice and number decree. Okay, good Enough. Okay, so now I'm about to create a new invoice. And you can see here we've got the it's gonna be usually in the order that you entered them unless you decide to sort by date or anything else. But you can also drive and drop them if you want the discount to show at the bottom of your invoice. 

So we've got, you know, a couple of things here minus $500. And that is the total amount that you see up here, including the discount. So I'm just gonna save that. Just as a draft so that we can print and see what it looks like. And keep in mind my draft invoices look pretty wonky because every time I'm doing some sort of training, I inevitably change something on them. So this is what mine looks like today, but you can see here they've got a simple divorce, a sample time entry their discount, and then the total after the discount. And that's the invoice!