7 Reasons You Need To Bring Your Business To The Cloud

02/06/2022 08:57 AM By Celene

Are server-based (or worse yet, physical *cringe*) systems and records killing your team's options?

If you want to run a modern, service-based business in 2022 you NEED to be thinking about moving your software to the cloud. Why? Here are 6 really good reasons:

Moving to cloud-based platforms allows you to:

#1 Centralize data so it can be accessed (and tracked!) anywhere.

It's pretty much impossible to track KPIs for file folders. Or cross reference a coworker's file when you're working from home for the day. 

Heck, even just the hassle of emailing files back and forth creates delays and multiple copies (which one is the most recent?!)

Having only one version (that everybody can access and collaborate on together!) means less downtime, less confusion, and generally less frustration. It also allows for more advanced tracking or activity feed so you know what’s happening with any file at any given time. 

#2 Give you and your employees the option to work from home.

More and more employees are demanding this option, and companies who force their employees to sit in the office 5 days a week are quickly becoming less competitive when attracting candidates.

It also reduces capacity panics if somebody is self-isolating or perhaps just being cautious (light sniffles) but totally capable of working… Just not in the office. 

Whether you want to save expensive rent by going fully remote, or follow a hybrid office/work from home format, having flexibility when it comes to working remotely is always a plus.

#3 Safeguards all your data.

Hard drives can crash. Laptops can break (or even just get coffee spilled on them)

Offices can burn or flood (we hope they don't but it happens!)

Sure, you can run a daily FTP backup to a disk or server, but that still generally requires that everyone is IN THE OFFICE, and if something crashes mid-day? Well, that’s half a day lost. 

Cloud-based apps back everything up in real time, while secure cloud servers keep your information backed up in multiple spots so your project information is safe no matter what. 

#4 Let's you manage your business from anywhere.

Business owners can (AND REGULARLY DO!) now take extended trips to hot, sunny beaches where they're still able to easily check in on where all their projects are at.

Or lead team & client meetings via Zoom.

It also means you can live the “digital nomad” lifestyle if you choose, and not worry about what it will mean for your company.

#5 Collaboration between offices

In the “old days” (and probably a good 80% still), different branches of the same company essentially operated as completely independent companies sharing a name.

Is that efficient? Probably not. Can you easily manage the reputations and processes and operations of the separate branches without having a dedicated manager going back and forth between both? Also probably not.

Centralized systems mean centralized management and cohesive workflows, as well as easy file and resource sharing between all branches. 

#6 Gives you access to global talent.

Not sharing a physical space is no longer a barrier to working together. Employers are NO LONGER LIMITED to hiring only in their local area. You can now search the country (or the world!) for the candidates who are the very best fit for your team.

Can you imagine if the pool of perfect candidates increased 1,543%?! The talent and expertise you can now find is limitless.

#7 Opens your potential client pool up wide.

Just like with employees, in many industries your clients also don't have to be anywhere near you.

(I mean, nobody's running a virtual hair salon.)

But if you're running a service-based business that doesn't require physical contact, then there's really nothing stopping you from attracting clients across the globe, as long as you have the tech to engage with them online.

Are you convinced yet?

Having the right systems in place can improve pretty much every element of your business.

This means both you AND your team will pretty much be happier every day, and have more energy to put towards the parts of your business that actually matter - the stuff that makes your clients love you and brings home the bacon.

If you've always wanted to explore upgrading your operations to modern standards but really aren't sure where to start or how to go about choosing the best platforms for your company, hit us up for a Free Consultation, and we'll help you get started today!
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