Legal Operations Consulting

Systems strategy and implementation that helps your firm grow profitably and sustainably.

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Creating resilient, modern law practices

It's a common quip that law firms are often "stuck in the 80s", but the truth is that the legal industry is going through a major revolution in both technology and mindset. 

Smaller, more agile firms are rapidly adopting new technology that allows them to be more profitable while still out-competing big firms on pricing.

​We work with firms on all stages of their modernization journeys to make sure that transitions to new legal practice management software go smoothly, their teams are well trained and supported, and that new processes are integrated into their current practices to minimize disruptions.

Bringing operational expertise to every area of your business

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Business Strategy

Start being proactive instead of reactive in your business.  Get a roadmap that will take your long-term goals, break them down into milestones and give you actionable steps to achieve them.

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Tech Conversions

Get off the server and into the cloud.

Whether you are looking to improve efficiency or your existing software plain old sucks, let us do the heavy lifting to get your new platforms up and running.

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Ongoing Support

Your existing team may be awesome, but they're likely too buried under daily work to take on special projects. We offer long term support focused solely on moving your business forward.
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Having a strong social presence providing value to your audience is the difference between somebody finding you on google, and that person trusting you're the right firm to do the job. If you're too busy to run your own social, let us help.


Designing solutions to fit your practice

Your law firm has specialized needs—both as an industry and how you run your practice. 

Our experience working with law firms and in the digital space means we have the experience to tailor an innovative operations strategy that fits your exact needs. We are certified Clio consultants as well as certified Leap and Soluno software consultants.


What we offer

Legal operations consulting may sound like a broad range (and it can be!) but here are some of the specific things that come up most often.

What makes us unique is we are able to do the high level strategy and designing your systems AND handle all the implementation of it, start to finish.

  • Migrations from PCLaw or EsiLaw to cloud-based legal and trust accounting software such as Soluno, Clio, Leap, Zoho + Quickbooks or Xero.
  • Tech design, set up and integrations with Google Suite, MS Suite/OneDrive, calendar booking systems, Docusign, Zoom, Slack or communications platforms, and other project management apps.
  • Lead management and client onboarding systems that improve closure rates and deliver an amazing client experience.
  • Recruiting, hiring and employee onboarding/training.
  • Mapping and documenting your firm's unique processes to improve training, compliance, and allowing your firm to grow and scale.
  • Marketing strategy, funnel creation, and ongoing marketing support.

What our clients say about us:


legal operations consulting, clio consultant,  legal practice management software, leap consultant, pclaw, pc law